Smartphones have made it easy to stay connected to work and social media at all times.  Brilliant!  The trouble is that connection doesn't mean you can type full paragraphs with any speed.  That's what's missing.  Your tablet doesn't have the features you need either - even with a keypad cover.  Keys are shrunken and delicate.  But we're done with all that now that we've got WayTools' TextBlade.


This portable keyboard from WayTools folds up for portability.  And the ultra-low profile is half the thickness of an iPhone 6, but you still get 19mm finger spacing.  Without the sponginess or other drawbacks.  Oh yeah, that elusive @ symbol is also on the homeline - it's actually easier than typing on your desktop keyboard.  Now, you can write your novel on your iPhone at the coffee shop (or bar).  And don't worry, the warranties on this baby are all in place.  

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