Waterproof Running Pouch Belt

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Goes for a Walk (or Run) Everyday

Why people love it
  • Remarkably comfortable for what it is
  • Convenient for carrying essentials
  • Well made, with plenty of room

This running belt was designed for nasty weather moments when you need to protect your valuables while attempting to make it to shelter. The lean design makes it safer to head out for a run or a walk anywhere in the world.

Extreme weather is one thing; swimming is another – don’t try to use this belt to protect your phone underwater.


Features: Everyone needs some exercise, but not all of us can make it to the gym. And, quite often, Fido needs a walk too. If your wife is one of the walking or running types, she needs this belt. The main reason for such a thing is, of course, a place to tuck keys and iPods while on the move. You can fit both in this belt, and there is a headphone opening to make listing with wires convenient.

Safety (of your wife and her phone) aside, this particular running belt is awesome at keeping things secure and dry in terrible weather conditions. It’s not that you want your wife running in that sort of weather, but it means she won’t have to replace her phone if caught in a storm.

There are a few downsides to this belt. If it’s completely full, it will look like a fanny pack (though we cringe to use that word considering that anywhere outside of the US, the word fanny refers to female genitalia), but you would be hard-pressed to fill it with the essentials required for a daily walk.

The other drawback is the number of Amazon reviewers that received this particular belt in exchange for their review. There are plenty of verified purchasers that are absolutely thrilled with this item, which is why we’ve included it all the same. But, you might feel a little more comfortable investing in a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a new Fitbit. If your wife goes for a walk or a run every day, she’d be thrilled with any of them.

Price: Totally reasonable - you'll even have room in the budget to get her a few other goodies as well!

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