Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition

Best Gift for a Teen Girl Who Loves Game Night

Why people love it
  • Hours of entertainment
  • Hilarious phrases
  • Fun way to bond with friends and family

Includes more than 140 phrases she can recite with friends, plus enough mouthpieces for up to 10 people to join the game. This fun game is a bestseller on Amazon, and the Australian Toy Association voted it the 2017 Toy of the Year.

Some folks say the mouthpieces are uncomfortable. Luckily, you can buy flexible mouthpieces and use those instead of the ones that come with the game.


She’ll laugh til she cries as she attempts to read silly phrases like “warm beef meatballs” with an oversized piece of plastic in her mouth. This is an awesomely hilarious game to keep on hand for sleepovers, holidays, and family game nights.

Watch Ya' Mouth comes with 143 phrases, 10 plastic mouthpieces, and an hourglass timer. Additional cards are sold separately, or she can make up her own fun phrases with friends.

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