Why people love it
  • 1500-watt motor easily crushes, grinds, and blends
  • Break-resistant container
  • Flippable settings are easy to grip and switch

Stainless steel blade effectively withstands constant, long-term use. Simple flip-switch design lets you prepare smoothies, or frozen cappuccinos, with minimal effort.

This powerful blender is noisy when it runs, but it gets the job done. Some reviewers complain that this commercial blender is heavy, but its heavy weight keeps it from wobbling or tipping over while in use.


Performance: Users rave about how this Waring blender consistently produces creamy smoothies without flecks of kale stems or blackberry seeds floating around. A 1500-watt motor delivers 12.5 amps of power while blending, pureeing, or grinding, making this appliance one of the most powerful blenders on our list of favorites.

Design: This blender has a clear jar and black base that won’t overpower the existing decor in your restaurant or home kitchen. We dig the blender’s practical spout because it makes it easy to pour drinks without making a mess.

Versatility: We know restaurants need a versatile blender, which is why we chose the Waring Xtreme as the best commercial blender. You can whip up a smooth batch of homemade soup, blend fresh fruit for a smoothie, grind coffee beans and ice for a caffeinated drink, or prepare homemade cashew butter with no issues.

Price: Expect to pay around $285 for this commercial blender, which typically comes with a 3-year warranty. Although this blender comes at a hefty cost, we truly believe that it's worth every penny.

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