Why people love it
  • The spectacular water pressure and extra-large shower head create an amazing shower experience
  • Very solidly built; feels like good quality
  • Beautiful appearance

Soothing streams of water, 6-inch shower head for a broader flow, limited lifetime warranty, made from hotel-grade materials, and excellent water pressure and flow.

Takes a few seconds (up to 30) to stop dripping after you turn off the water; no installation instructions included with product.


Features: This 6-inch wide rain shower head is built for your comfort! The flow controller reduces water output to 2.5 GPM, but that actually helps to reduce the pressure and give you that gentle, soothing flow of water that feels like you're standing in a summer rain shower.

The appliance is easy to install, though you'll have to install it without any instructional manual (thankfully, it's a classic shower head with connections for standard U.S. plumbing). The metal swivel ball makes it a cinch to adjust the angle and direction of the flow.

Even if the water pressure in your area is low, you'll still get consistently good pressure from the shower head. It's a durable option that will last for years to come, thanks to the hotel-grade materials used to build it. With a beautiful chrome finish, it even looks like the rain showers you'd find in a luxury hotel.

Price: $26 is a reasonable price to pay for a high-quality shower head! This isn't the priciest shower head on the list, but it's worth every penny if you want a rain shower head that delivers consistently and is built to last for years to come.

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