Walk On Air by Kate Spade Perfume for Girls

Best of Ladies Perfume Brands for Teens

Why people love it
  • Fresh, modern, and floral
  • Clean and crisp, but undeniably feminine
  • Unique imprint of nature

Walk On Air is a light, feminine, breezy scent, perfect for teens and young adults. Recommended for any girl looking for something floral, pretty, light, casual, and not too sweet.

Fades quickly.


The Kate Spade girl follows her heart gracefully, loves all things beautiful, and exudes confidence and uncontainable joy. Walk On Air has little to no powdery scent, which prevents the fragrance from veering into the “too mature” territory as many florals tend to do.

Scent: Walk On Air’s light and beautiful scent is a combination of linden blossom, fern, bergamot, tunisian neroli, lily, magnolia, jasmine, white iris, and Kate Spade original scents of Narcissus Absolute Orpur and Violet Leaf Absolute Orpur.

Price: Although a bit pricey, this clean, sophisticated fragrance is well worth the investment.

What online reviews say:

Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself just how much reviewers love this light and airy fragrance.

  • "Walk On Air is delightful, joyous and caresses the skin like a breath of fresh air. Prepares girls to seize the day and indulge in all things wonderful."
  • "Smells really light and young. If you are looking for a mature or sexy fragrance this isn't it, but if you want girly and flirty this is for you!"
  • "Pretty, clean, and bright. Although it is a floral scent, it has a very clean tone and completely appropriate for the office. It's not a heavy floral scent that would offend. I would average the lasting time of the spray at about 3 to 4 hours. But even after, you continue to catch the lovely scent in the air."

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