Wagan EL6224 12V Cooler/Warmer

Best Cooler with Warmer

Why people love it
  • The perfect road trip or camping cooler
  • Keeps food hot or cold
  • Compact; sized perfectly for carrying in your car

Maintains cold temperature, but doesn’t cool contents; drains car battery.


Capacity: This cooler has a 27-can capacity and is tall enough to hold (four) 2-liter bottles standing upright. The fact that it’s just 11” x 8” x 12” means it’s perfect for storing in your car on long road trips or packing along with the rest of your camping gear.

Construction: The cooler is made with a simple plastic exterior and decently thick insulation, with a lid that seals it airtight when closed. On its own, insulation and temperature maintenance is average at best. But when you plug it in (to a 12V DC power supply, from your car or portable battery), this thing becomes a dream!

The cooling mechanism will help to maintain a temperature of pre-chilled food and drinks as low as 32 F. Add your drinks and food, pour in some ice, and switch it on, and the built-in motorized cooler will ensure your food stays cold.

But wait, that’s not all! Want to store breast milk, bottled tea, or water at a higher temperature? Place the pre-heated items into the cooler and switch on the “warming” setting, and you can heat those items up to 140 F.

The built-in indicator lights and switches make it easy to see which setting the cooler is on, and you’ll find this combination of warming and cooling makes for one heck of a handy travel accessory!

Price: $80 is a high price considering how small this cooler is, but it’s so worth it to have the motorized cooler and warmer combo working for you. Just be careful not to run the device when your car is turned off—it will drain your battery quickly!

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