Best Strapless Wacoal Bra for Big Busts

Wacoal Women's Red Carpet Strapless Bra
  • Stays in place
  • Converts to multiple styles
  • Boosts breasts
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Perfect for weddings, formal charity events, and summery strap-free dresses. A practical silicone neckline and hidden stays keep you from starring in your own peep show.

Most women love this bra, but a few confess that it gets uncomfortable after a while.


Style: Make a memorable entrance in this strapless underwire bra made just for busty women (you know, the ladies most bra makers forget about when they create strapless bras). There are bulge-concealing sides, and the back also hides flab.

Not interested in a strapless bra? This one converts to four different styles: Halter, criss-cross, one-shoulder, and traditional.

Material: This bra gets its signature smoothness from nylon with a hint of spandex. The stretch foam cups mold to your body shape, and a silicone neckline keeps the bra where it belongs. There are also hidden stays that keep the back of the bra, plus each side, in place.

Support: This offers great support for a strapless bra, although some extra-busty reviewers (generally with cup sizes H or G) say it just doesn’t work for them.

Comfort: This is a comfortable bra that almost always fits true to size. If it feels too tight, go up a size and see if that helps.

The material is smooth, and women say the hidden stays and silicone neckline don’t feel weird.

Price: Expect to pay between $45 and $65 for this celeb-worthy bra depending on where you buy it. It transforms into 4 different styles, so you can get a lot of wear for your money.


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