Wacoal Awareness Underwire Bra

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  • Comfortable design
  • Fits true to size
  • Supports breast cancer awareness

It’s hard to find a wireless bra with a wide range of sizes, but the Awareness underwire bra covers sizes from 34C all the way up to 44H. Some colors even go up to 40I. This is a versatile bra suitable for different breast shapes, including round breasts, uneven breasts, and pendulous breasts.

Very few people have anything bad to say about this best-selling Wacoal bra, but a handful of ladies complain that sometimes the straps slip and the band feels too tight.


Style: The best-selling Awareness bra is an underwire bra with wide straps, a leotard back, and seamless cups. A small flag on the back, near the clasps, features the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

Numerous reviewers rave about the large straps, and we totally agree with them. Women say the straps don’t dig into their shoulders or slide around during movement like bras with thinner, weaker straps. This is great news, especially for busty gals who don’t want boobage popping out every time they breathe.

There is still a small percentage of ladies who say the straps move around too much, but it’s possible that choosing a different bra size or adjusting the straps might help.

Material: Support your girls with a smooth blend of nylon and Spandex when you wear this silky-soft Wacoal bra. The fabric features a jacquard Calla lily pattern that is a feminine, non-itchy alternative to lace.

Support: Almost as supportive as your BFF after a brutal breakup with Mr. Wrong. It’s easy to get the support you need because Wacoal offers such a wide range of sizes for this figure-flattering bra. You can choose from sizes ranging from 34C to 40I, so you don’t have to cram your twins into cups that are too tight or the wrong shape.

Speaking of shape, the cups on this bra work for nearly every breast type. Uneven breasts find balance, while round breasts get the support they need without being squished into poorly designed cups. You can also wear this bra if you have pendulous breasts, East/West breasts, or a chest with shallow tops and full bottoms.

Inner side slings in the cups add extra support for busty women, while the thick straps we raved about earlier help hold everything snugly in place. You probably shouldn’t run a marathon in this bra, but you can definitely run errands in it. It’s also ideal for the office if you prefer great coverage over having your cleavage peek out of your blouse.

Comfort: Hundreds of women say this is a comfy bra, and more than 90% of them claim it fits true to size. The smooth material and true-to-size fit each play a role in the comfort factor.

Price: Wacoal’s regular price for this bra is $65, but it often goes on sale. You can find it as low as $33 on Amazon, but expect to pay more than $100 there if you’re looking for a hard-to-find color or size.

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