Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner with WiFi

Best Travel Gift for the Info-Addicted

Why people love it
  • Works well
  • Great little scanner
  • Good quality for the price 

Sadly, this scanner doesn’t come with the memory card that you need to make this work.


Make expense reports easy. This portable wand scanner scans color (or black & white) images with just a wave of your hand. Images are saved directly to a memory card, but this baby is also WiFi enabled.

This wand scanner will be perfect for those emergency situations at the office when you need to scan a document quickly. It features built-in time and date setting, automatic white balance, and USB 2.0 High-Speed PC Interface. It's also a great device to have while traveling on a business trip.

You’ll need an SD card to store documents. Fortunately, you can pick up some memory here. And, if travel involves lots of documents, this mobile printer is easier to deal with than the hassles of business center printers.

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