Best Long Range Baby Monitor

VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor
  • Best range on the market
  • Reliable radio frequency connection never drops
  • Versatile and reliable, yet affordable
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Has a 1,000-foot range, comes with a wide range of features, well-priced, and highly reliable.

Sound and video quality suffers at times.



With this device, you can connect no matter where you are on your property. With its best-on-the-market range of 1,000 feet, you have a lot of flexibility to move around your home and still watch your little one. The video camera is fully adjustable, and the unit can even be mounted on the wall. Up to 4 cameras can be added to the system. The 2.8" LCD screen may be a bit small, but it displays your images in full color.


The infrared LED lights built into the unit will allow you to keep an eye on your little one even in a darkened room. The parent device has a low battery alert, temperature sensor display, and camera adjust features. You will need to activate the lullabies on the unit in the child's room, it has the option of 5 different melodies to soothe your little one to sleep.


At $130, it's a decent option for parents who need to frequently move around the house in those few moments while bub is napping. It's not the high-tech device you get with the top-ranked products, but no other monitor can beat the range and connectivity on this bad boy.


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