VIVO Black Fold up Cot Bed

Best Budget Camping Cot

Why people love it

  • A well-built, sturdy tent cot 
  • Easy to assemble (and reassemble) 
  • Comfortable, expect a good night’s sleep 


Many users experience difficulty setting this up the first time as the material needs to stretch; but they typically report it becoming easier with use. 


There are a few things we really love about this tent bed, starting with the price. This is serious quality and construction and surprisingly comfortable to boot. While this isn’t the longest or widest camping bed, it’s high enough off the ground to make it super useful in the tent.

We also like the carrying case with shoulder strap and the lightweight frame. This makes it easily portable – and while you can’t hike with it, you shouldn’t have difficulty transporting when car camping. Just as a warning though, take time to set this up before you actually need to use it; users report some difficulty with the initial set up, which may be the biggest drawback to this camping cot.

Frame and construction: Steel legs (with rubber tips) and an aluminum frame support the water water-resistant polyester fabric.

Size: Unfolded dimensions: 75″ x 25″ x 18”; folded dimensions: 36″ x 7″ x 4″

Weight: 12 lbs

Weight capacity: 250 lbs

Portability: A carry bag is included and features a shoulder strap. It’s not terrifically heavy either.

Ease of assembly: Some users struggle with the initial setup as the last leg is tough to maneuver against the tautness of the polyester canvas. After that, it’s super easy and doesn’t require special tools.

Price: You should expect to pay $40-45 for this cot – even when it’s not on sale!

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