Vivint Smart Doorbell

Best Camera Doorbell for Home Security

Why people love it
  • Both app and home security system user interface are intuitive and user-friendly
  • User-friendlydesign 
  • Highly reliable; without the glitches many cheaper video doorbells have

Expect to pay high monthly rates.


Features: Vivint offers a wide array of smart home security solutions--everything from Z-Wave home automation video cameras, doorbells, and motion sensors. This video doorbell is designed to be integrated into an existing Vivint security system, providing high-def 1080p video to see who's at your door. The frame rate (30 fps) is good enough to give you a clear, sharp picture. With 180-degree field of view, night vision, and two-way talk, it's a security dream come true!

It's a much more compact video doorbell than you'd expect--just a few inches tall and wide. Definitely a good option for those without a lot of door frame space (such as in apartment buildings and condos).

Performance: For performance, the Vivint is one of the best video doorbells on the market. Designed to be compatible with ONLY the Vivint home security systems, both the system user interface and the smartphone app are intuitive and very easy to use. All of your footage is uploaded to the Vivint database, allowing you access to older front door video for security reasons.

On the downside, the doorbell lacks battery back-up, so it will be down in cases of electrical failure.

Price: Vivint's home security solutions are a bit pricey--starting at $54/month and rising as high as $70/month. To include the video doorbell in your security system, you'll pay no less than $64/month. You won't pay for the doorbell itself, but you will pay a higher monthly fee. If you already have a Vivint security system, it's a good option. If not, consider carefully.

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