Vitamix G-Series 780

Best Luxury Blender

Why people love it
  • Pulverizes greens and seeds
  • Smooth control panel for easy spill cleanup
  • 64-ounce container holds multiple servings

Some reviewers are upset that the blender’s jar is made from plastic rather than glass, although it is a BPA-free plastic.


Performance: The Vitamix G-Series 780 lives up to the hype - and earns its hefty price tag - by creating velvety-smooth drinks without any floating seeds or stems. Laser-cut blades quickly and efficiently transform produce, grains, or nuts into a creamy mixture. A thermal protection system prevents overheating while you blend, puree, or crush your way to perfection.

Design: We love how easy it is to access different settings on the user-friendly touchscreen control panel of this high-end blender, and reviewers agree. Joy of Blending praises the appliance’s glowing buttons, and we have to admit they help when you’re craving a pre-dawn breakfast drink or late-night milkshake. A spouted opening makes it a cinch to pour smoothies or margaritas at a steady speed without spilling liquid all over the place.

Versatility: The Vitamix G-Series 780 does it all, from grinding grains for homemade flour to pureeing carrots for a fresh batch of soup. A heavy-duty, 64-ounce jar makes this blender appropriate for both personal and professional settings.  

Price:  We’re not going to sugarcoat it: At around $650, the Vitamix G-Series 780 is the most expensive blender on our list. However, the majority of reviewers - ourselves included - feel this blender is definitely worth the investment.

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