Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC Gaming Headset

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Loves Gaming

Why people love it
  • Great quality for the price
  • Decent headset with good sound quality
  • Great gaming headset

The updated design covers ears entirely with a comfortable padding for an immersive gaming experience, and the microphone is adjustable. It’s compatible with Windows and Vista (check OS systems).

It’s not likely to work well with most Mac computers, so you’ll need to check before purchasing. And, if you don’t pack this away nicely, you’re likely to find the cord tangling impairs sound.


Details: You may not fully understand it, but you can bet that any guy who’s into his gaming will tell you that every aspect of the experience is crucial for complete enjoyment. Especially sound. Now, you could get a decent speaker system, but that’s just inviting irritation, isn’t it? Headphones will make all the difference; you’ll see.

And, you may want to throw this gaming mouse into the mix. If you have the budget, this gaming keyboard is made from military-grade metal. Wow.

Price: Not cheap. And given the price of these headsets, we strongly recommend that you check the specs before ordering.

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