Best Stun Gun Flashlight

Why people love it
  • Made from heavy duty aircraft-grade aluminum; durable as heck!
  • Tactical flashlight and stun gun are highly reliable
  • LED light delivers 100,000 hours of use

Will only ship to select U.S. states, and the switch configuration is confusing.


Performance: This stun gun flashlight combines a high-powered LED light bulb with a potent stun gun that delivers 230 million volts of electricity straight into your attacker. The multiple light settings will allow you to disorient any assailants, and the stun gun will be your last resort.

The flashlight body is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, so you can use it to strike your assailant if necessary. While the handle/switch design is a bit odd, the flashlight will sit comfortably in your hand.

Features: The stun gun has an extra loud crackle built in, meant to intimidate assailants before they get close. The LED flashlight shines up to 350 Lumens, and you get up to 100,000 of use before the bulb will need replacing. The flashlight is compact enough to fit into any purse or pocket.

Price: At $20, this is only slightly more than you'd pay for a high quality flashlight. The lightweight little stun gun/flashlight will serve double purpose: protection and illumination. Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty!

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