Best Stun Gun Overall

Why people love it
  • Extremely efficient and effective stun gun; always delivers!
  • No one will mess with whoever has this device
  • Solid, durable, long-lasting, and reliable

Very powerful and compact, comes with built-in LED flashlight, penetrates thick clothing, includes a lifetime warranty and rechargeable battery, features built-in shock plates, and is well-priced and extremely effective.

Flashlight tends to malfunction or burn out.


Performance: If you're looking for a stun gun with amazing stopping power, look no further. With 230 million volts of electricity, this will stop even a large-sized attacker in their tracks. The loud crackling sound will usually be warning enough for anyone thinking to threaten you.

The stun gun is solidly built, with a secure grip that will prevent your assailant from tearing it from your grasp. It's comfortable to hold, fits in your briefcase or pocket, and has excellent battery life. The built-in battery is quick to recharge, though the cable is a tad short. All in all, it's the best-performing stun gun on the market.

Features: There are two features that make this a bad-ass stun gun:

First, it has two sharp spike electrodes that are able to pierce multiple layers of clothing. One user tested it with three layers of clothing and found it still delivered the stunning shock effectively.

Second, it has two shock plates on the side of the taser. If someone tries to grab it out of your hand, they'll be shocked!

The LED flashlight is beautifully bright, and it won't suck up the battery life. However, the quality of the flashlight is average at best, and multiple users have reported problems with its reliability.

Price: At $24, this is one of the pricier stun guns on our list. However, the higher price tag is 100% worth it, considering the lifetime warranty, the rechargeable battery, and the unique design. It's the most reliable stun gun on the market, and an option definitely worth considering!

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