Best Stun Gun for Women

  • Small but packs a powerful punch
  • Easy to pull out of a purse or bag; loud crackling scares off attackers
  • Highly durable and reliable, with great battery life
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Compact, fits in any purse or pocket, highly powerful, non-slip rubber coating, lifetime warranty, reliable, lightweight, simple to use, and comes with a built-in LED flashlight.

Users report quality control problems; this stun gun tends to break quickly.


Performance: Many companies will try to sell pink or bright-colored tasers for women, but don't be fooled! A dark-colored stun gun like this one will be much more inconspicuous, making it easier for you to catch your assailant off-guard.

The stun gun is nice and small, the perfect size for any purse, clutch, or pocket. It's a lightweight and user-friendly device: point the sparking end at your attacker, press the button, and ZAP!! You'll find it packs a punch (35 million volts) despite its small size. Definitely a good stun gun for women who want protected no matter where they are.

Features: The stun gun is simple, with no frills or add-ons aside from the LED flashlight. However, it's coated with a special rubber that prevents it from slipping or being pulled from your grip. The internal battery is fully rechargeable, and you get good battery life from this little stun gun.

Price: At $11, this is one of the best-priced stun guns on our list. While many users have reported encountering defects or quality control problems, the lifetime warranty ensures you'll get many years of use from this stun gun.


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