Best Valentine's Gift for the Well Groomed Man

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor
  • Smoothest shave you'll ever have
  • Very sturdy and solid with a comfortable grip
  • Beautiful razor
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Comes with 5 Swedish Platinum super blades in addition to a leatherette and suede travel case with mirror. 

We couldn't find any reason not to buy this razor. 


Details: If he's a well-groomed man who likes to keep his facial hair under control, this is the perfect gift for him. Not to mention, it's seriously manly. The Vikings Blade is a top-rated shaving kit, complete with premium high-end heavy duty Swedish razor, blades, and carrying case. This razor doesn't even compare to makers like Gillette. It comes with durable razor heads that will last for many shaves. The vintage-style razor looks elegant - a design he'll love. Yet the blades are developed with modern technology which guarantees a very close shave. And, it's easy to clean and replace the blades. Now that's impressive.

Price: $37 is a great price to pay for this shaving kit. It's elegant, beautiful, and it's a gift that won't disappoint.


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