View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Best Christmas Gift for the Boy that Wants to See the World Differently

Why people love it
  • Very cool
  • Kids enjoy it
  • Easy to use

Some users are a little disappointed with the way this toy works with phones.


Remember how the classic View-Master inspired your imagination with 3-D scenes you could only imagine? There are loads of free experience packs that you can download from Google Play and other sources, so this toy can always be revitalized and fun. But really, it’s all about the 360-degree views that will allow any kid to experience the same level of awe that you had as a kid with a mix of classic and contemporary features.

Go ahead and start picking up stocking stuffers with the experience packs such as this one which takes kids underwater. Or, perhaps world travel is in the cards for your little adverturer. Or, maybe you want to take a look at the Google cardboard glasses; they’re a terrific gift on their own.

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