Why people love it
  • Extra long bristles
  • Cruelty free
  • Does not require any combing

Unlike boar and badger brushes, horses do not have to be killed to harvest the mane and tail hairs for this brush. It has a stiffness that lathers very well with very little effort, and the tips are comfortable on the skin.

May have a slight animal odor for the first handful of uses, and finding the right stand for drying can be a challenge.


Fiber: Horsehair brushes are extremely durable, and harder to come by due to an anthrax scare in WWI. The horsehair was unrightfully blamed for shoddy manufacturing practices that left bacteria on the brushes. Vie-Long’s attention to detail and high standards are second to none. They set the standard for horse hair shaving brushes. Horse hair doesn’t retain water as well as boar or badger, so you may have to experiment to get the best water to soap ratio for a good lather.

Handle: The handle on this brush has a really nice weight to it. It’s made of wood and metal in an attractive design that would make any man proud to have it in his shaving kit.

Care and Upkeep: Horsehair requires the lowest maintenance out of all the animal hair brushes available. It dries faster and can handle more abuse. With a good cleaning and drying routine, this brush should last even longer than a boar bristle brush.

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