Best LED Shower Head

Why people love it
  • LED light looks awesome; "may" help to improve hair and scalp health (research needed)
  • Easy to install and change heads as needed
  • Filters your water to make your showers as clean as possible

This is a VERY small shower head with an odd design. Additionally, you can't change the color settings.


Features: If you're looking for a way to make your bathroom even more awesome than it already is, this is the shower head you want!

The LED shower head comes with LED lights built in, and the lights will change colors as you shower. Sadly, there's no way to change the color settings, so you'll have to use it as it is. The manufacturer claims the pulsed LED lights will stimulate hair follicle growth (a dubious claim at best), but you can't argue with the fact that you're using ionized, filtered water that has had up to 98% of fluoride, chlorine, sediment, and organic compounds removed. This is a shower head for those who want healthy hair!

The head itself is fairly small (less than 3 inches wide), but you get good water pressure and solid flow. It's set at an odd angle that takes a bit of getting used to. You won't be able to switch settings or adjust water flow, but it’s a simple "no frills" shower head in terms of water output. It's lightweight, feels solid, and is built for years of regular use.

Price: $40 may seem a high price to pay for a shower head, especially if you don't believe the claims that the pulsing LED light helps to improve hair health or the filtered water is gentler for your scalp and hair. Still, it makes your late-night showers look so cool, and it's a handheld shower head that is great for those who want something unique.

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