VicTsing Bluetooth MP3 Transmitter Adapter Car Kit with Charger

Best Gift for the Teen Boy Getting His First Car

Why people love it
  • Great Bluetooth access
  • Clear sound; also excellent for phone calls
  • Affordable

There are some quality control issues, but the seller tends to sort these out quickly.


Details: You get a whole lot of product for a very affordable price. This adapter kit transforms older cars without Bluetooth or reliable aux cable inputs.

It’s totally possible to access music collections (even from drives rather than phones) as well as the radio and phone calls. The sound is crisp and clear until you start pushing into the higher decibels, though some users do need to fiddle around a little to get the bass balance correct.

We’re also fans of the customer service of the seller. Whenever there has been a problem (which is inevitable given the type of product and the price point), the company is quick to reach out with replacement units – so you can rest assured this is money well spent.

Price: There’s no other way to so completely transform an older car for $20 or less. This is totally worth it.

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