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  • Soft, comfy stretch
  • Fit like a glove
  • Convenient built-in pocket


Maybe it’s the yoga instructor you want to look cute for or maybe you’re just excited to show off your slim, toned body what with all the yoga you do. Regardless of the reason, these Victoria’s Secret yoga leggings are sure to have you feeling and looking sexy before, during, and after your workout.

There’s currently only one color available.


Quality: Victoria’s Secret does a really great job with their workout wear. If you check out what the other customers have to say about these, there really aren’t many issues aside from some sweat stains (which we honestly did find much evidence of when we tested these ourselves). So if what you want are comfortable and sexy-looking yoga leggings, we highly recommend giving these a try. 

Style: These slim leggings were described by one customer as fitting “like a second skin”, and I think that sums up the style of these very well. In terms of other specs, there’s a peekaboo panel that runs down the leg length as well as side pockets for easy storage of keys or phone while you’re out running errands.

Price: Victoria’s Secret always tends to be a little pricey, but that’s because you’re usually paying for the style factor in addition to the high-quality clothing.

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