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Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh & Clean Body Mist
  • So fresh and so clean clean
  • Perfect for summer
  • Quality fragrance at a great value
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According to Victoria’s Secret, this fragrance smells like springtime, fresh laundry, and bright skies. Umm…where do we sign up? #perfumegoals

Unfortunately, this is another fragrance mist, so if you’re looking for longevity move along. Also, reviewers say that this reinvented formula is slightly different from the original and missing a tiny hint of apple, which long time users find to be a tad bit disappointing.


Scent: The central notes of this perfume are tiare flower and sea spray, which translate to fresh, clean, and tropical. Need we say more? Oh, and of course, you’ll pick up hints of fruit as well…which shouldn’t be a surprised since this seems to be Victoria’s Secret's go to formula.

Occasion: We’ve heard this perfume is perfect for Sunday Funday and kicking it on campus, so to us this scent brings back fond college memories. But really, this perfume is subtle and laid back, perfect for everyday wear or even a night out.

Just remember, this a body mist rather than a concentrated perfume, so if you're looking for something to last you all day you will want to be sure to carry a travel size bottle of this bad boy in your purse at all times.

Price: The price of this body mist comes out to $16.50 for one bottole, or $20 for two. And that’s NOT on sale! Just wait for a semi-annual sale to come around and we guarantee you will be able to stock up on this quality perfume at an amazing price.


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