Why people love it
  • Awesome lift and support 
  • Perfect amount of padding 
  • Super versatile bra that can be worn with or without straps

When you think of strapless bras, you might think about those backless ones that have been promoted all over Instagram lately (see the Komene strapless that made our list of best push-up bras). The problem with bras like those, however, is that they’re not a universally good choice for all breast sizes or shapes—like this one.

Having been huge supporters of Victoria's Secret bras for over a decade now, we at Faveable must say this bra is the absolute best. It can be worn with the standard two straps going over your shoulders. It can be worn as a racerback. It can be worn as a halter. And, yes, it can even be worn strapless (though we'd only recommend that if you wear a C-cup or smaller). 

In addition to just being an all-around versatile bra, it's also one of the softest and most comfortable ones our editors have ever had the pleasure of wearing. It holds everything firmly in place, too, while giving the girls a good amount of lift. If you want a bra that's going to do it all, you can't go wrong here.

There are a couple complaints about this bra squashing breasts too tightly against their chest, which is likely the case if you're an A-cup. For larger breasts, your complaint is likely going to be the fact that you can't wear this strapless. 


Size: This comes in sizes A to DDD, which seems reasonable. 

Support: Even without straps, this convertible bra is all about the support with slip-proof fabric, a comfortable but not too thick band, and the perfect amount of padding to hold you in place. Also, there are four clasps on this--at least in the DDD--which provide just the right amount of back support.

Comfort: Big breasts or small breasts, everyone is comfortable in this convertible bra. Plus, the versatility of this bra makes it a wear-everywhere type of bra. 

Price: Moderate pricing for a bra that works supremely well!

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