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When you think of women’s underwear, Victoria’s Secret is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. Their latest coup in the world of women’s underwear comes in the form of satin and lace panties, and these happen to be the most loved style of them all.

These run slightly small, so we’d suggest order a size up or trying these on in-store if you can before making a purchase.


Fabric: Aside from issues with sizing not matching up, there seem to be no issues with the overall quality of this VS underwear.

Comfort: This seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. Many customers have lauded this cheeky underwear for its silky-soft texture and good fit, but there are others who complain about its tendency to ride up.

Customers don’t seem to have an issue with the breathability of this underwear, either. There is very minimal coverage in the back of this underwear and it sits low on the waist, so there won’t be any support with these panties. But they will be extremely sexy. 

Price: Victoria’s Secret’s underwear tends to run on the higher end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to underwear. However, if you’re familiar with this brand, then you’re also well aware of their semi-annual sales where you can get most of their underwear at a seriously discounted price.

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