Victoria's Secret Easy Push-Up Bra

Best Push Up Bra that Doubles as a Sports Bra

Why people love it
  • Push up bra that works just as well as a sports bra (i.e. it’s super supportive)
  • Wireless design for extra comfort
  • Creates a nice shape and silhouette

Some customers have complained about difficulty getting this one on and off (which is probably true for larger breasted gals). Others claim that the cups run a little large. So if you wear a B or C cup, this is probably a good one for you.


Support: In looking through the comments for this one, you’ll find one common denominator here: support (which is why this doubles nicely as a sports bra).

Lift: Despite the wireless design, this bra is known to lift, secure, and create a really nice shape for your girls.

Comfort: The fabric on this is super soft bra doesn’t dig and smooths everything out for an ultra-comfortable fit.

Price: We were actually surprised by the price for this one since VS bras tend to run so expensive. I’m assuming that the wireless-ness of this one contributes a bit to the drop in price because it seems like a great deal otherwise!

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