Why people love it
  • Extreme lift and support
  • Full coverage and security
  • High quality workmanship

Usually when we talk about “extreme” anything, we’re not looking for functionality—but that’s not the case here. This push up bra does it all: support, lift, comfort, smoothing, and full coverage.

This extreme push up bra may be too much for some people. Those with larger chest sizes tend to be the ones who complain about this.


Support: There is a lot of padding to this bra, so you’re going to get a bunch of support… and more.

Lift: They don’t call the lift on this “extreme” for nothing. Some previous customers have liked it to feeling squeezed and pushed all over, so take heed if you’ve got bigger breasts that don’t have the room to give.

Comfort: If you take a look at the description of this bra online, you’ll see that full coverage is part of the promise with this one. This applies not only to the cups, but also to the back where so many of us suffer from digging and chafing.

Price: Victoria’s Secret bras are always going to be pricey, but they last forever. Hey, you get what you pay for!

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