Vickerman Purple Christmas Tree

Best Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

Why people love it
  • Purple lights enhance the purple branches
  • Sturdy tree
  • Full tips hold ornaments well

Some reviewers complain that the tree’s branches are made out of a cheap, tinsel-like material. We agree that the branches look like they’re made out of tinsel, but we’re happy with the material and love the way it shimmers in the light.


Appearance: This artificial Christmas tree from Vickerman is definitely an eye-catching fixture that doesn’t blend in with traditional holiday decor. We like that the vibrant purple hue pairs well with winter-inspired decorations, such as fake icicles or rich blue ornaments. It makes us feel less guilty about keeping it up long after New Year’s Eve ends because we can just be like, hey, it’s a winter tree, not a Christmas tree.

Also, if you’re a Christian, you might be aware that the color purple is referenced multiple times in the Bible. It typically refers to royalty, but that’s not always the case. During his travels, Apostle Paul met a woman named Lydia who sold purple garments. With encouragement from Paul, Lydia helped spread God’s Word in her city. You’ll remember this important event each time you gaze at your beautiful purple tree.

Ease of Use: This purple tree doesn’t arrive preassembled, so you’ll have to put it together yourself. There are four pieces, but it isn’t too tricky to figure out where they go.

We like that you don’t have to replace all of the bulbs if one light burns out. Less of a hassle - and really, we usually don’t notice if a bulb or two goes out anyway.

Sturdiness: This tree stands 7 feet tall and weighs around 80 pounds. That means it’s sturdy enough for you to pile on a crazy amount of ornaments with no issues. It boasts resilient hinged branches, which Consumer Reports says are easier to handle than hooked branches.

Price: We thought the $450 price tag for this 7-foot holiday decoration was kinda high until we saw that other stores charge around $1,400 for the 9-foot version of this tree. Apparently adding 2 feet to the height can set you back an extra $1,000 if you shop outside of Amazon. No thanks - we’ll stick with Amazon.

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