Why people love it
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Makes a great gift
  • Fabulous price

This whimsical fruity and floral blend hails from fashion icon Vera Wang and comes in a beautiful bottle. And, the price is right.

There are some who believe this fragrance isn’t concentrated enough.


Why she’ll love it: While everyone has personal preferences when it comes to perfume, so many women from so many different walks of life fall in love with this one. It’s as appropriate for a teenager as it is for more mature women – and it transitions smoothly between daytime and evening wear. The younger generation will fall in love with the bottle, while the older can’t help but enjoy the comfort of quality that comes with all things Vera Wang.

Price: Depending on the Amazon seller, you’ll pay somewhere between $25-35. Now, that is a bit of a range, but you may also need to factor in shipping costs. No matter how you dice it though, this is an affordable gift - so much so that it could easily be slipped into a stocking.

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