Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme

Best Men’s Hair Removal Cream for Last Minute Grooming

Why people love it
  • Works efficiently to remove unwanted hair
  • Leaves skin smooth
  • Reaction-free formula

There is a bit of a strong scent with this hair removal cream... and some users report issues with sensitive skins. 


We rather like Veet's hair removal cream for men. It's strong and powerful. But, it's not nearly as good as the sensitive formula on this list. Of course, it also works harder, but also comes with a rather strong odor. You'll need plenty of ventilation when using this product. 

Ingredients: As with all the good ones, this formula contains Potassium Thioglycolate to release the hair from its follicle. There's actually a rather long list of ingredients enclosed in every bottle. Sadly, fragrance and alcohol tend to feature prominently on it. 

How to use it: There's a little spatula enclosed in this package of men's hair removal cream. You'll use the curved part to apply the product (and make sure to coat the hair evenly, for your own sake). You'll use the wider, narrower side of the spatula to remove the cream. Start with a test after three minutes, though you can leave it for as many as six minutes if your hair is terribly stubborn (and you don't experience an adverse reaction). But don't leave it on any longer than that. Then, rinse thoroughly with water and dry your skin. 

Who can use it? This is Veet's hair removal cream for men. Women could use it if they wanted to, but Veet has plenty of products for women, so there's really no need for women to go this route. 

Where can you use it? Everywhere except your face, genitals, and perianal areas. Take this as a serious caution; you don't want it in your crack or on your junk; you really, really, really don't. 

Scent: Shwew, this is strong stuff. It smells like chemicals; that's not terribly surprising considering there are a lot of them in the formula. 

Will it break the bank? Nope, but it's not exactly cheap either. A bottle costs a little less than $13 and a fluid ounce costs about $1.85. That's a little on the pricy side, but this formula is quite strong. 

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