Vasque St. Elias GTX

Best Heavyweight Hiking Boots

Why people love it
  • Heavy boots designed to keep up with any hiker
  • Comfortable right out of the box; offers great stability and support
  • Highly durable materials; long-lasting leather with good Gore-Tex waterproofing              

Be aware that these boots are very heavy and reviewers report that they don't breathe well.


Performance: If you're looking for a pair of heavy duty hiking boots, look no further than these bad boys. They're definitely a heavyweight pair of boots, weighing a solid 4.3 pounds. However, when you slip them on, you'll see it's worth a bit more weight to get the amazing comfort, stability, and support offered by the boots.

The leather upper is highly durable, and the synthetic sole delivers quality traction for maximum grip on any rocky or dusty trail. You'll have to get used to the weight, but few boots can match this pair for durability and longevity. Though it lacks breathability, this heavy duty boot can keep up with anything you throw at it.

Features: The heavy-duty boot is designed to be waterproof, with Gore-Tex water resistance that will keep your feet dry as you wade through streams and creeks. The sole offers excellent heel and arch support, and you'll find the shoe comes in sizes ideal for both narrow and broad feet. The 0.75 inch-thick platform offers extra cushioning to keep your feet comfortable, and the footbed has EVA cushioning built into it.

Price: At $160, these are one of the pricier pairs of hiking boots on our list. Yet the durability and heavy-duty construction of these boots make them worth every penny if you're an avid hiker. The boots are built to outlast the rest of your hiking gear!

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