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Longest-Lasting Vaporizer Pen

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Why people love it
  • Battery lasts all day long
  • Cannister has the flavor of glass but the durability of steel
  • Adjustable air flow settings

This powerhouse vape delivers a solid throat-hit, consistent quality, and all-day use. Definitely worth the price! Features a 1600 mAh variable voltage battery, large tank (holds 2.5 ml) with options for air flow (delivering different heaviness of smoke, versatile - can be used with multiple e-liquids, and comes with 5 replacement coils and USB charger/wall adapter. Additionally, features the longest battery life of all the products on our list, affordable, sleek and beautiful, feels durable, versatile, and compatible with any liquid nicotine or cannabis.

E-liquid must be bought separately, liquid is pricey.


Performance: This vape sets the industry standard for "best battery life". The 1600 mAh battery can run all day long without draining, making it easy for you to plug it in overnight and let it charge.

But don't think battery life is all it has! The settings allow you to adjust the heating element, delivering as thick/thin, rich/mild, hot/cool vapor as you want. It's only compatible with liquids (oils, cannabis, and e-liquid), but you'll find it's easy to burn all of those liquids EXACTLY the way you want them. Some people find the vapor is a bit too cool, but turning up the heat causes the liquid to taste burnt. However, you'll get used to the cooler vapor in no time.

One major plus: the glass chamber delivers rich flavor, but the stainless steel casing ensures maximum durability.

Features: The controls only allow you to adjust the temperature between 3.2 and 4.8 volts, but that's more than enough range (370 F to 420 F) to ensure you get a consistently delicious vapor. With the built-in air flow holes, you get a good vapor without too much heat. It's easy to tweak the vape to your personal preferences until you get just what you want.

Price: At $90, this is a pretty well-priced vape pen. However, for heavy vapers, the high cost ($15 for 30 ml) of the e-liquid may end up costing you more in the long run. 


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