Why people love it
  • Pretty color selection and styling
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Great fit

Because this is made from nylon and spandex, these aren’t the most breathable of underwear.


Fabric Quality: Some users have reported issues with the fabric pilling. However, the manufacturer clearly states upfront that these need to be hand-washed. So long as you follow those instructions, these should last you a long time.

Comfortability: When you look at this underwear, you might not think it would be super comfortable with the side cutouts styled as they are, but customers are in love with this underwear and haven’t reported any issues with the fabric digging into their skin.

Breathability: This is the one major drawback to this underwear: it can get really hot wearing these.

Support: This underwear is meant to look nice and feel great, so there won’t be any support here.

Price: The price on these seems pretty reasonable, especially considering how long they’ll last you.

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