Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

Most Comfortable Weight Lifting Belt

Why people love it
  • Suede lining and foam pad make this belt SUPREMELY comfortable
  • Provides solid resistance to your abs and spinal muscles
  • Highly secure and snug fit; great for newbies to the gym

Uber-comfortable, made of solid cowhide leather, features a secure buckle and very durable design, built to last for years, highly affordable price tag, great for beginners, and can handle a lot of weight and pressure.

The leather is not quite up to par with higher-end weight belts.


Performance: If you're looking for a great "first weight belt" for some hardcore power lifting or Olympic training, this is a weight belt worth consider. The 4-inch wide belt offers excellent lumbar support and solid resistance for your abs to push against as you squat or lift. The foam pad built into the inside of the belt keeps it resting snug against your back. The belt's design is more than just comfortable—it will seriously reduce your risk of back injuries.

The double-pronged roller buckle takes a bit of time to break in, but you'll find that it's a highly durable closure. The leather is double-stitched and can last for years, though it isn't quite as water/sweat-resistant as higher-end belts. However, for comfort and good support for first time gymgoers, this is a belt you won't be able to beat.

Price: $20 is a very reasonable price to pay for this belt. Between the durable design, top-notch comfort, and sturdy support, it's a belt that any weightlifter should be happy to own.

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