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Valentine One
  • The most sensitive, reliable radar detector on the market
  • Scan your surroundings for miles to be aware of any potential radar
  • Highly sensitive to any and all threats/radar systems
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Detects all frequencies, highly sensitive to any and all radar systems, shows location of threats, displays radar/lidar band, scans for miles ahead, directional arrows make it easy to locate signals, durable, and features a sturdy metal housing.

May be too sensitive; triggered by automatic doors and car radar systems.


Performance: If you're looking for a radar detector that will pick up anything and everything, you'll love the V1! Some users complain that it's TOO sensitive, as it detects car radar systems, automatic sliding doors, and motion sensors. However, if you want to know of everything in your surroundings, this is the radar detector for you.

Not only does it detect all radar/lidar bands—including K, Ka, X, and Super Wideband Ka—but it will help you to locate the source's origin. The "bogey counter" will display the locations of all "threats" in the area, keeping you updated on everything happening around you. It delivers the fastest response time of any radar detector, and you'll be able to scan miles ahead of you to catch speed traps and hidden cops before they catch you.

The V1 is heavy, with a solid metal housing that makes it highly durable. The suction cup doesn't quite work effectively, so you may end up installing it on the dashboard instead of the windshield.

Features: The V1 is fairly low on features: it doesn't have convenient features like auto-mute or alternative settings. There's no way to turn down the sensitivity, so you may become easily frustrated with how many unimportant signals are picked up. However, if you're driving on the highway, you'll appreciate its excellent range and sensitivity to help you locate hidden cops and speed traps.

The multi-directional arrows let you know which direction the radar signal is coming from, and the screen will display what frequency is being detected.

Price: At just under $490, this is a fairly pricey radar detector. It's NOT intended to be used in the city, but it's an excellent device to have on the open road for cross-country/trans-state driving.


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