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When it’s really hot out, you’ll sweat. And, the price is prohibitive.


We love these large bra inserts. They really do add plenty of fullness and boost to just about any breast size. And, they move quite naturally, so you should get a very natural-looking cleavage with them – though, of course, you should remember that they don’t work in every bra or bathing suit (no bra insert can).

You should expect a 2-cup-size enhancement with these bra pads, which should tell you that these are on the heavy side. That said, they’re not really heavier than natural breast tissue would be. (Small breasted women should rejoice that they can take their boobs off at the end of the day.) And, users become accustomed to wearing them quickly. Since they don’t move around, it’s easy to forget they’re there.

Now, just a few things you need to note about these bra pads – as they are silicone, you are likely to experience some sweating which means you need to do a decent job of washing them between uses. And then there’s the price – it’s not out of line with a good padded bra… but then, the cutest bras often fall down on the padding side.

Material: 100% soft silicone.

Color: Transparent

Sizing: It’s a one size fits all situation, but you should expect your boobs to appear two cup sizes larger.

Shape: Rounded, almost half moon shape (it’s called “abalone”).

Safe for water wear: Yes

Number of pairs: Only one.

Cost: The MSRP is $75. You can usually find these on Amazon for closer to $40. That’s one of the more expensive bra inserts out there (before moving into the prosthetic ranges).

Bottom line: All in, we love these for the comfort and serious lift they provide. Everything usually looks natural and full, though you shouldn’t expect the same results in every bra. If they had more options to accommodate more bras, you can bet the faithful would flock to them, despite the price.

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