Why people love it
  • A good product at a great price tag
  • Comfortable, versatile, and well-built
  • Shatterproof and resistant to heavy wear and tear

Great price tag, anti-leak design, comfortable, GoPro mount included, encourages more natural breathing, great for adults and young divers, shatterproof lens, purge valve activated by head movement, and great field of vision.

Seal around the nose isn't quite right and may lead to fogging.


Comfort: This is one of the most comfortable masks on our list, thanks to its versatile size and soft silicone padding. The seal is airtight and will prevent leaks as you swim. You can breathe easy while wearing this mask, thanks to the larger-than-average air intake and the Dry Snorkel system.

Durability: The silicone seals are durable and built for years of regular use, and the mask itself is made from shatterproof polycarbonate.

Visibility: The 180-degree field of view on this mask is excellent, and the polycarbonate glass won't distort the view around you. However, the not quite airtight seal on the breathing chamber means fogging is a very real problem with this mask.

Features: The mask comes with a GoPro mount so you can capture your underwater adventures, a detachable snorkel, and a built-in drainage system that expels water with a simple head movement.

Price: This mask costs less than all the others on our list, but it's no less reliable and durable than the higher-priced options. Its only real flaw is the tendency to fog—everything else is excellent for amateur and regular snorkelers alike.

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