There are those moments when you just need a glass of wine with dinner, and there's no way you can finish the bottle.

  • Creates an airtight vacuum that preserves wine
  • Award-winning product
  • 1 x Wine Saver Pump and 2 x Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

If you've got people around for a few drinks, it's unlikely that you'll open a bottle and leave it.

So, you know you need to let most wines breathe - well, older wines at any rate. But once wines get too much oxygen, they begin to break down and lose their flavor dramatically. An open bottle of wine isn't good for drinking after a day or two (and you only have another day before you shouldn't use it in cooking either). The gadget vacuum seals wine bottles closed so that they retain all their goodness. This Vacu Vin bottle sealer is remarkably affordable, and it's an Amazon #1 Bestseller because it works.

What Reviewers Say:

  • This device is perfect for anyone who finds that they don't consume an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and would like to preserve the wine for as long as possible without it ruining. Wine can be an expensive luxury and there is nothing worse than having it turn to vinegar due to improper storage. This device is amazingly simple to use and works perfectly. Simply insert one of the rubber stoppers into the open bottle of wine, place the pump over the top and pump about 5 to 6 times until you hear a distinctive "clicking" sound and you are done. All of the excess oxygen in the bottle has now been removed and the wine is vacuum sealed. When ready to re-serve the wine, simply press the nib on top of the stopper to release the vacuum, remove and serve. It couldn't be any easier or simpler. Well worth the price and you may want to consider purchasing the extra stoppers if you tend to have more than a couple of bottles open at any one time.
  • This is a great product. I've also found that it can keep coffee fresh, too: just clean out and dry an empty wine bottle, put your coffee beans in the bottle, and seal the top.
  • My wife and I regularly drink wine, but usually only have a glass per day, and with some wines, if you don't finish it the next day, it's awful the 3rd day. We bought this to save a little money and see if we could extend the life of our wines. It does work quite well, and exactly as they describe. You place the stopper in the bottle, pump the pump a few times until you hear a click and you're done. I will say this, it won't get you 10 days. In our experience, we get around 4 to 5 days using this device. Still worth the money, as you don't have to have the same wine 2 nights in a row just because you opened it the previous night and didn't finish the bottle.
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