Utopia Kitchen 12.5 inch Cast Iron Skillet

Best Cast Iron Cookware for Collecting the Range on a Budget

Why people love it
  • Most users absolutely love it
  • Serious value for the money
  • This solid skillet works wonderfully well

This skillet can be used with every cooking method and is a solid all-rounder (on price, size, weight, and more).

The pre-seasoning isn’t great. You will need to do more yourself.


We know you’re inching away from this pan because you want to compare it to the products you can get from Lodge. After all, they are so similar. And then there’s the strange description on Amazon that will leave you scratching your head. But wait… despite the fact that we recommend you season this yourself (we don’t believe the majority of pans leave the factory properly done), we want you to consider the terrific prices on all the cast iron cookware offered by this brand. And, people that get this skillet do fall in love with it quickly.

Shape, size, and weight? It’s a round 10½“ skillet with a decent weight of 8 pounds. The cooking surface is a bit rough when it arrives (and that has to do with the pre-seasoning).

Enameled or pre-seasoned? We understand this may cause a little unease, but hear us out before turning the other way. The manufacturers claim this is a pre-seasoned pan – and it certainly appears as if they’ve begun the process, but not completed it. You could use it as is if you really wanted to, but we strongly recommend seasoning it yourself beforehand. Once you do that, you will find yourself falling in love.

Suitable for all cooking surfaces? Yes, yes, and yes. You can take it with you to the campfire and toss it in the oven. It’s remarkably versatile.

What about pour corners and handles? There’s a decently-sized handle with a side bud that works as a second, helping handle. There is a hole in both (á la Lodge) and excellent pour corners.

Range options? Utopia Kitchen does have a wide range, from skillets to griddle pans and Dutch ovens. They also offer enameled cookware as well. And everything is reasonably priced. That’s one of the reasons we truly appreciate this line. You can get this skillet as the starting point for your collection of value-for-money cast iron cookware

Will it break the bank? The listed MSRP is $100. We wouldn’t buy it for that, given that Lodge offers its pans at a much lower cost.  However, you will snag this for less than $40 and we think that’s more than fair. It’s a solid pan with a line that you won’t overpay for.

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