UST 30-Day Lantern

Longest Lasting LED Lantern

Why people love it

• Get up to 30 days of use on the low setting; and 32 hours on the highest setting

• Durable, water-resistant, and reliable; can handle most outdoor environments

• Good brightness, excellent design, and customizable light settings


The battery lid is VERY difficult to remove.


Performance: This is the lantern with the longest-lasting battery on the market: on the low (29 lumens) setting, you get as much as 30 days of continuous run time from the AA batteries. Run time drops to 32 hours on the highest setting, but you get close to 60 hours on the medium setting. Few lanterns can compare to this run time, especially the low setting.

The lantern is water-resistant, built with solid materials, and feels durable in your hand. The top and bottom hooks offer the versatility you want in a lantern, and you'll find that it's ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

On the downside, you're going to have a bloody hard time opening the battery lid in anything less than perfect lighting conditions.

Features: The light settings range from VERY bright (300 lumens ) to dim (29 lumens), with a medium-light setting that is perfect for working around a tent or campsite. There is an SOS strobe setting, but the lantern lacks a locator light.

In case you need a very bright light, you can simply remove the globe from the rubberized housing. The lantern is easy to re-assemble, and you'll find that it is as reliable as you could ask for.

Price: At $35, this lantern is a bit on the pricier side. However, given its excellent battery life and brightness, it's worth it if you plan to be out in nature for more than a weekend.

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