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Best Value Large Set of Makeup Brushes

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  • High-quality
  • Amazing brushes to use
  • Phenomenal price

There aren’t 32 different brushes – only 23 different brushes as there are some duplicates. Additionally, some of the smaller brushes are a little too stiff.


The brush heads are standard professional sizes, though the handles are a little longer than usual. Still, they fit in the compact roll up carrying case. The bristles are all exceptionally strong – and, given the price, very well made. The synthetic fibers are mostly soft, though some of the eyeshadow brushes are a little sharper, so you may want to be careful if you have a heavy hand.

We’re very happy with the 12 months warranty, and the customer service is very good – though too many people love this makeup brush set to really tell how responsive they are. One thing we do want to warn you about, however, is the number of different brushes – there are 23, not 32. Don’t panic, there are 32 brushes, but there are some duplicates. Still, that can’t possibly be an issue for the price.

Number of pieces: 32

Brushes: Blending, blush, powder, large powder, angled contour, small fan, large fan, eyebrow comb, lash, large eye shadow (6), small eye shadow (3), angled eye shadow nose shading (2), eyebrow (3), concealer (4), lip, sponge eyeshadow (2), eyeliner

Case or storage: Travel pouch designed for storing all brushes

Bristles: Amazingly thick and soft synthetic fiber bristles

Price: You should pay around $18 for the entire set and carrying case. That’s an amazing deal!

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