Why people love it
  • Adds volume and great for styling
  • Perfect diameter for short hair
  • Quality brush and value for money
  • There are some quality control issues with the little red ball points
  • Can be a little small in the hand

We love this compact, quality-made brush for more than the volume it provides.

Round brushes, like this one, are made for styling hair and work especially well when combined with a blow dryer.

And, this brush definitely does that, but you can simply use it in a combing or brushing manner to detangle short hair. It just has everything in the right place (and it sells for a terrific price).

These brushes are usually best for longer hair, both thick and thin, coiled and straight (though not for curls).

But, the compact size of the head makes this an excellent brush for short hair - anyone with longer hair should be careful with this brush.

And, if you’re not into styling, but prefer a brush for grooming, we suggest looking at the brushes on this list that suit your hair thickness - or our top choice brush.

However, if you’re like many modern men these days, and you want some lift for your locks, combine this brush (which can be used on wet hair) with a little product and a hair dryer and you’re on your way.

Brush type: Compact round brush

Handle: The cushioned handle is a little smaller than we would like. The entire length is 8” and has a diameter of 1”. It’s compact; be warned.

Bristles: These are short nylon bristles with small red ball points at the tip for comfort.

Price: This brush is rather reasonably priced at just $12. It does come with Prime shipping, but it’s not returnable. We think it’s definitely worth this price.

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