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Best Hair Clay for Men with Thick or Stubborn Hair

Why people love it
  • Serious hold (maybe we should underline, bold, and highlight the word serious)
  • Amazing matte finish
  • Great for thick or unmanageable hair

The super strong hold of this hair clay is complemented by a natural finish. It’s one of the few products that will work for men with thick or unmanageable hair.

It’s almost ridiculous how hard you’ll have to work to get this off your hands and out of your hair.


If you have fine hair or you don’t mind working with styling creams, we urge you to move to another product on this list without reading further. This is going to be way too much for you. And we’re not kidding. The hold on this is so strong that we can’t properly explain it.

Along with the hold, you should expect some difficulty washing it out. You may be better off wearing it for a few days with touchups; it’s seriously that strong – and long lasting. You’ll also battle to get it off your hands unless they’re seriously warm. Luckily, you only need a small amount of product and it will go a long way – even for guys with super thick hair.

Now, a note on styling, if you have really thick hair, you can achieve a straight, smooth hold. If your locks are just unmanageable, you won’t get that look. You will, however, have found your go-to styling product for life. The edges will be a little more jagged, but you may actually get that lovely bed head look that you’ve never once been able to achieve.

And, you’ll still get that amazing matte finish your after – even after sweating through an intense workout. Still, given the hold, we appreciate that it’s not for everyone. But for some of you, this hair clay will be your new go-to product.

Hold: If you’re after a strong hold, turn to this product. If you want more flexibility or something that resembles a medium hold, you should turn away now. Sorry, but this is stronger than strong. It’s almost ridiculous

Texture: This is thick, really thick – though it is pliable once you’ve heated it between your palms. And, it’s a little sticky too.

Application: Okay, you’ll need to pay a little attention here. This is not going to give you a clean, suave look unless you have thick hair. But, it will keep all hair in check as long as you use only a tiny amount and apply it aggressively and quickly. If you spend time putting each individual hair in place, you may end up with a slightly more damp or waxy look once it dries. Sorry. Fast and furious is the way to work with this hair clay.

Duration: All day, tomorrow, and maybe next week. Okay, not really, but see the notes on washing to understand the joke.

Washing ease: You may never get this off your hands or out of your hair. Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but it will feel like it the first couple of times you work with this hair clay. The number of men complaining about the difficulties of washing this should not be ignored.

Scent: There’s a decently light pepperminty scent to this hair clay. It’s neither here nor there for most people.

Key ingredients: It’s not bentonite, we can tell you that. It’s ozokerite, aptly known as earth wax, because this really behaves very similarly to a wax. Also it’s the petroleum that makes it so darned difficult to wash out. And, it unfortunately contains parabens.

Size: Coming in at an average 2.5 ounces, you’d still be surprised how long this container lasts.

Price: You’ll pay somewhere between $14.50 and the MSRP of $18 for this hair clay. Far from being the cheapest, the price per ounce of less than $5.75 is still very reasonable.

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