Why people love it
  • Super cheap (price)
  • Great amount of padding
  • Keeps feet warm

These are not made with Merino wool (typically the key fabric in ski/snowboard clothing), so they may not keep you warm or dry in single-digit or sub-zero temperatures. Reviewers also complain about the long length of these, but since that’s a well-advertised fact of these socks, it’s not really a true drawback.


Thickness: These socks are in the mid-weight range of thickness due to all the padding that’s built in.

Warming: While users haven’t reported issues with these thermal socks keeping them warm, I’d be wary about using these in frigid temperatures due to their lack of Merino wool.

Drying: Again, because these weren’t made with moisture-wicking fabric, we can't say how dry your feet will stay—especially with the thermal fabric.

Comfort: As long as you use these in the right weather and temperatures (i.e. not super cold or wet), these socks should keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Padding: The built-in cushioning for the shins, feet, and ankles seems to be the quality reviewers love most about these socks.

Price: I take that back. The super cheap price tag is what previous customers love the most about these thermal socks.


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