Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set

Best Christmas Gift for the Inquisitive Boy

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  • Many hours of fun
  • Great gift
  • Nice ideas inside

This is a winner of Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products Award, and it has everything needed to play spy for hours on end.

A few more gadgets would go over well – and don’t expect serious quality or durability for the price.


This case includes folding binoculars, magnifying glass, secret marker set, and an undercover flashlight. Best of all, however, has to be the fingerprint powder and brush. That’s a lot of fun for anyone excited by spy movies or just looking to solve mysteries in the home.

This is best when you set up some scenarios for your kids to cover, but it’s great on its own. If you really want to take the spy theme to the next level, you should consider this kit with camera and spy glasses. And then, you know walkie-talkies are always a hit for young gents.

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