Why people love it
  • Great medium impact sports bra
  • Moisture-wicking fabric for more comfortable workouts
  • Sleek and lightweight—fits and feels great

The Under Armour Eclipse Bra is our pick for best overall and it’s because it meets all the requirements you’d need in a good sports bra (more on that below). Daily Burn users tried this one out, too, and they agree that it’s a fantastic pick for those low to medium workouts that you want to feel comfortable and supported throughout. 

For anyone who needs to order using a specific cup size (usually larger chested gals), this might be a tough one to find the right sizing for online.


Size: Comes in XS to XXL. Unfortunately, these only correspond with the chest band size and not your cup size, so it might be hard to get a good fit if your specifications don’t fall in line with the “average” user.

Performance: This bra is great for low to medium impact workouts. Basically, you can do everything but run in this.

Comfort: This sports bra has fabric that’s super soft and quick drying, breathable cups, power mesh lining, and straps that move with you. It is the epitome of comfort and not something typically found in a sports bra.

Support: Despite being so lightweight, this bra does still offer a good amount of support. If you’re looking for solid compression, however, that’s not what this one is for.

Price: Pricing depends on the color and size, so it could either end up being the cheapest bra on this list or simply just average in price. 

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