Under Armour Men's Rival Fleece Pants

Most Comfortable Athletic Pants

Why people love it
  • So comfortable you'll never want to take them off
  • Well-designed and versatile
  • Great fit, stay firmly in place, and wear well for hours at a time

Good blend of cotton and polyester, super soft to the touch, uber-comfortable, midweight, soft inside, excellent for keeping in body heat, solid waistband, pockets included, nice fit, and great quality materials.

Heavier than expected and will increase sweating drastically.


Style: This is your classic athletic pant style: a straight cut, with ribbed in- and out-seams, a drawstring, elastic waistband, and durable hems. They may not look like much, given their dull colors, but they are a beautifully comfortable option to wear all day long. They're also built for heavy athletic use and can also handle daily exercise.

The pockets give you a comfortable way to transport your wallet, IDs, keys, and other important items to and from the gym, but they fit your hands comfortably if you're lounging around the house.

Material: The pants are made of a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The cotton makes them super soft to the touch and beautifully warm, while the polyester gives them a bit more flex. You'll find they're versatile and durable, and can handle any workout.

The pants are heavier than you'd expect, and you'll find they trap your body heat near your legs very efficiently. This makes them a bit too hot for summer use, but they're amazing to stay warm in the winter.  The fabric is durable and reliable, so expect these pants to be with you for many winters to come.

Price: $40 is a bit steep, but not when you consider just how darned comfortable these pants are. They'll be your best friend for a lazy day of lounging, but they're designed to keep up with even the most intense winter workout.

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