Why people love it
  • Good length for athletes and resistance trainees alike
  • Extra-long shorts perfect for tall guys
  • Comfortable, versatile, good stretch, and ideal for all athletic activities

Sheer fabric prone to pilling and fraying.


Material: These UnderArmour shorts are made with 90% Polyester and 10% Elastene, making them a lightweight choice despite their extra length. The fabric is odor-resistant and water-repellent, so it will keep your legs and groin dry as you train hard. There's just enough elasticity to the material that you can move in all directions comfortably.

Fit, Length, and Features: The medium-fit shorts are ideal for the average athlete, but there's enough elasticity to the material that heavier men or those with thick thighs will be comfortable. Thanks to the 10" inseam length, the shorts are perfect for taller guys.

The shorts come with mesh pockets, allowing you to carry/store keys, cards/IDs, and your phone. However, be warned: the material is very sheer, so people will be able to see what you're carrying. The UPF 30+ will protect your skin from UV radiation in the sunlight. Thanks to the durable elastic waistband and drawstring, your shorts will stay firmly in place no matter how much you run and jump around.

Quality: The shorts look nice right off the rack, but they're prone to pilling and fraying over time. You may have to replace them more often than other shorts.

Price: Starting at $20, these are slightly on the pricier side of the scale, but they're a good option if you prefer long shorts!

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